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For the cultural tourist, visits to Jakarayilli and Kukuo, suburbs of the city will be rewarding, as they are centres for traditional weaving and pottery.

The City is also noted leather ware and the place to see the complete chain of activities involved from tanning raw cowhide to finished sandals, bags or boots is Zongoni.

The artisanal blacksmiths who make simple tools, musical instruments and bangles can be found at Sabongida. Shea butter is the raw material for body creams. Production of this important cream is undertaken in villages around the city and all districts from the shea fruit.

All these traditional crafts and products can be bought in all the markets around the town but the best places to see these crafts are the Center for National Culture and Aboabo Market.
In spite of its status as the fastest growing city in West Africa and the fourth-largest regional capital, the city is unique in the coexistence of centuries’ old traditional culture and modernity typified by the modern office blocks standing side by side with old round huts with conical thatch along dual carriageways.

Other cultural features to be observed in city are the numerous shrines spread in all major traditional quarters such as Choggu. However, to get a more practical benefit of shrines, which are usually only used for divination you have to travel some 24 km to Tali near Tolon where a sacred grove has been used to create centuries old virgin vegetation around a shrine, the Jaagbo Shrine, which serves as a sanctuary for birds and wildlife.

To get a better insight into city’s culture, groups can arrange to pay courtesy call on any traditional chief, the chief of Tamale, the Dakpema or the Yaa Naa ‘s representative the Gulkpe Naa. Better still get lessons in culture at the Centre for National Culture or the Tamale Institute for Cross Cultural Studies.

The central district is a modern avenue of shops lined dual carriageway and so you have the choice to shop for all you need or sit in a bar for a cold drink or eat in a restaurant.

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