The Hon. MCE earlier today hosted a delegation made up of Fose Sellers, yellow-yellow operators, market women and men whose operational areas are along the major streets of the Metropolis.

The meeting was called for at the behest of the Hon. MCE to discuss pertinent issues regarding making the roads traffic free and also paying their share of revenue to the Metropolitan Assembly.

The Hon. MCE opined that, the planned decongestion exercise he’d be undertaking would be done humanely and hence admonished them to forster collaboration and cooperation to avert the use of force or power to evict them from hawking along the streets.

He assured them that, his doors were opened for suggestions on developing the Metropolis since no one could develop the area unless ourselves.

The delegation expressed their delight for invitation and promised to meet their members to discuss the issues and provide written feedback to the Assembly within two (2) weeks.

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