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The Tamale Metropolitan Assembly exists to enhance the quality of lives of the people of the Metropolis by facilitating the maintenance of law and order and mobilizing the physical and financial resources to provide quality socio-economic services especially in education, agriculture, water and sanitation and health in collaboration with other development partners and in conformity with broad national policies.

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A clean and Environmentally Friendly Metropolis which attracts the right expertise and investment into vital economic sectors that create high level  of employment opportunities.  A Metropolis where Children, Women and Men have high quality of life, equal opportunities, access to quality and sustained health services, education, economic resources; and above all participate in decision making.

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The objectives of the Assembly are;

To improve the image of the AssemblyTo facilitate the maintenance of law and order in the MetropolisTo strengthen control function of the Assembly with regards to land use and developmentTo improve the quality of teaching and learning in all schools in the MetropolisTo improve sanitation and waste management in the MetropolisTo harness the investment potentials of the MetropolisTo provide adequate logistics support for Assembly’s programmesTo improve local revenue mobilizationTo improve the storage and retrieval of information to enhance decision-makingTo improve performance by providing motivation for staffTo improve the human resource capacity of the AssemblyTo integrate the departments into the Assembly systemTo reduce poverty among the peopleTo improve the health status of the people